Used Car Parts in Lancaster, CA


Find Auto Parts For All Makes and Models of Vehicles

AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings is a great source for all sorts of used parts from all auto manufacturers. From wheels to engines and everything in between, you'll hopefully be able to find what you need at our salvage yard.

Often when a car is brought for salvaging, the exterior has seen better days, but just because a car doesn't look pretty on the outside doesn't mean the interior parts aren't still in good condition. We can help you find a new engine, transmission, radiator and more. And even some exterior parts like bumpers and fenders can be reused by other vehicles! This also includes tires and wheels. Just because you're looking for used parts doesn't mean you won't find quality parts for your car.
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Low Prices For Used Car Parts

Because used auto parts aren't brand new, we can offer them at significantly lower prices than new parts. But keep in mind that used parts aren't automatically bad parts. We carefully go through all parts to ensure they're still functional and usable for other purposes. If you're looking to save money and still get great parts, AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings can help. We can guide you in the right direction no matter your make and model. Because we accept vehicles of all kinds, you hopefully won't have to look too far to find the parts you need.

Aftermarket Car Parts

Not all auto parts available are OEM parts. Any number of parts can be manufactured by other companies and chosen by car owners to change their vehicle's performance or appearance. When you're looking for aftermarket parts, you should take a look at AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings. Along with the other used parts we salvage and sell, you can also find aftermarket parts. And just like with other used parts, these will cost you less but still deliver when it comes to condition. Aftermarket parts can often be a useful way to restore some functionality to your vehicle.
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Let Us Help You Find The Car Parts You Need

AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings offers a wide selection of parts for basically all manufacturers. Whether you drive a Ford, Mazda, Chevy or anything else, it's a good idea to start your search with us in Lancaster. Call today to find out more about our used and aftermarket auto parts.