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If your vehicle has called it quits, or if you've decided to retire it yourself before you're stranded somewhere, then selling it to a salvage yard can be a great option. At our salvage yard, your car will be taken apart and any usable parts will be made available for use in other vehicles. Parts that can't be reused will be properly recycled.
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Used Auto Parts

AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings is a popular stop for those looking to repair or refurbish their own vehicles. Used auto parts and aftermarket parts are often much cheaper than new parts straight from the manufacturer while still providing the new owners with the needed performance. Not all owners can afford brand new parts from the manufacturer of their vehicle, and not all parts need to be brand new to ensure a smooth ride. You should never rule out visiting our salvage yard.

Selling High Quality Used Car Parts Only

When you're looking for parts for your vehicle, AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings offers a wide selection of parts from a range of makes and models. Stopping by our salvage yard can be a simple way to find parts especially if you drive a more popular vehicle. Because the majority of parts are are going to be OEM parts, meaning Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, there should be no doubt that they'll fit and function properly when used in your vehicle.
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A Different Kind of Auto Experience

Visiting a salvage and wrecking yard isn't something most people do regularly. If you're concerned about getting rid of your car or finding needed parts for your current car, call or stop by AAA Truck and Auto Wreckings to talk with our staff. We'll help you understand the process of selling your car for salvage or buying used parts to use in your current vehicle. We hope you'll see the benefits of using our service! Call (661) 942-6262 if you have questions about your salvage options.